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Today’s reading: 2 Peter 1:5-7
We are not the first to write a history of wars, violence, crimes and injustice. All sins are old. If we look carefully, the world is not worse than it ever was. The problem is that we tend to exaggerate the defects and ignore the virtues. In a group of friends, the tendency is to talk about the shortcomings of each other. Very rarely will you hear someone highlight the virtues of the people.

Make today a commitment to yourself to see and praise the virtues of the people around you. A word of appreciation, an incentive, a thank you, are small things that can change the environment in which we live. The problems, disappointments, sufferings, however small, make us completely forget all the good that has happened to us.

God, who knows us very well, says many times in the Bible that we should be grateful, remembering his protection and provision. The exercise of gratitude requires us to look at the positive and good aspects of life and brings back confidence in a God who does not abandon us, whether in joy or in sorrow, in good or in bad times.

Ildefonso Torres